Summer Undergraduate Research Program in Molecular and Quantitative & Computational Biology

Program Director
Dr. Vanessa Gonzalez-Perez

Program Faculty Adviser
Dr. Sabine Petry (2018 program)

Dr. Coleen Murphy (2019 program)

Program Dates
June 11 - August 10, 2018

Program Overview

Each summer, the Department of Molecular Biology, Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics, and the Genentech Foundation provide intensive laboratory research experiences to a select group of undergraduates chosen from a nationwide pool. Each student joins a world-class research group—headed by a Faculty member and carries out an original research project. Participants are immersed in a culture of close collaboration with other undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty, and thereby experience first-hand what it is like to be a scientist. Other highlights of the program include:

  • Research discussion groups (learn to analyze and present data)
  • Faculty forum (attend weekly seminars given by Princeton Faculty)
  • Poster session (present your research to respected scientists)
  • Career forums (interact with former program participants)

Over 77% of former participants have since pursued degrees in PhD, MD, or combined MD/PhD programs. 

Questions? Please feel free to contact us.

For Princeton Students

Molecular Biology Juniors writing a laboratory-based Senior Thesis are invited to participate in the Summer Undergraduate Research Program. No application is necessary. Students interested in participating should inform their adviser and contact Melissa DiMeglio with any questions or concerns. Molecular Biology Juniors are provided with a $5,000 stipend but are responsible for their own housing and travel.

Rising sophomores and juniors interested in participating are welcome to join the program if the student is able to secure a position and funding in an affiliated laboratory. There is no formal mechanism for placing rising sophomores and juniors in laboratories; rather it is left to the initiative of the interested student to contact the faculty member. Students who have secured a position should contact Melissa DiMeglio to be included in the activities.

Current Integrated Science Students interested in participating will need to find a lab to work in and should contact Jen Brick

For Visiting Students

In addition to receiving a stipend, students are provided with housing in Princeton dormitories and are reimbursed for traveling expenses within budgetary limits.

We encourage applications from research-oriented undergraduates (1) whose participation will add to the diversity of researchers in the sciences, or (2) whose interests lie at the boundary between biology and the computational sciences including physics, chemistry, computer science and engineering, or (3) who are from institutions that do not have large research programs. Applicants must be current undergraduates, US citizens, permanent residents, or foreign undergraduates attending a US educational institution.

Interested students should submit an online application by February 1, 2018. 
The application will be available November 1, 2017.
Application Contact Information:

Directory of SURP 2018 Visiting Students

Directory of SURP 2017 Visiting Students

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