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Strategic Advice for First-Years/Sophomores

To major in Molecular Biology, you must take MOL 214 before the end of your sophomore year. You must also complete the four-semester sequence of general and organic chemistry before the start of junior year. If you don’t have AP credit in chemistry, this means taking CHM 201 (or CHM 207) in the fall semester of your first year. Incoming first-years with one semester AP credit in chemistry take CHM 202 or CHM 215 in the spring semester of their first year. Students with two semesters AP credit in chemistry can take organic chemistry as either first-years or sophomores. Finally, students who take first-year Integrated Science are exempted from taking general chemistry (and MOL 214), and should take organic chemistry sophomore year.

If you enjoyed MOL 214 and are interested in another MOL course, you can take MOL 348 as a sophomore or even as a first-year. It is also helpful to begin fulfilling the quantitative and physics requirements during your first-year/sophomore years by taking at least one of the following courses: SML 201, COS 126, or PHY 108. (Sophomores may not be able to get into PHY 108; it is fine to wait until junior year.)