For undergraduate courses, the department has returned to its normal grading policy for fall 2020. All prerequisites, departmentals, and independent work must be done on a graded basis (NO PDF). 

All 300-, 400-, and 500-level MOL courses (regardless of whether MOL is the primary listing) qualify as departmentals, as do all 300-level and above EEB courses where EEB is the primary listing. In addition, the courses listed below are currently* approved as departmentals.

CBE 419Enzymes
CBE 433Introduction to the Mechanics and Dynamics of Soft Living Matter
CBE 439Quantitative Physiology
CBE 440The Physical Basis of Human Disease
CBE 447Metabolic Engineering
CHM 301/303
Organic Chemistry I
CHM 302/304/304B
Organic Chemistry II
CHM 337Organic Chemistry: Bioengineering Emphasis
CHM 403
Advanced Biochemistry
CHM 440
Drug Discovery in the Genomics Era
CHM 515
Biophysical Chemistry I
CHM 516
Biophysical Methods
CHM 538
Topics in Biological Chemistry: Chemical Tools to Study Biological Systems
CHM 541/
QCB 541
Chemical Biology II
CHM 544/
ENV 544     
Metals in Biology
COS 343Algorithms for Computational Biology
COS 557
Analysis & Visualization of Large-Scale Genomic Data Sets        
GEO 523/
CEE 572 

MAE 344/
MSE 364 

Biomechanics and Biomaterials: From Cells to Organisms
NEU 430Epigenetics in Neuroscience and Behavior
NEU 501A/
NEU 501B
Neuroscience: From Molecules to Systems to Behaviors
PHY 412
Biological Physics
QCB 408
Foundations of Applied Statistics and Data Science (with Applications in Biology)


*To suggest another course as a potential departmental, contact the Undergraduate Administrator.