All 300-, 400-, and 500-level MOL courses (regardless of whether MOL is the primary listing) qualify as departmentals, as do all 300-level and above EEB courses where EEB is the primary listing. In addition, the courses listed below are currently* approved as departmentals.

CBE 419Enzymes
CBE 440The Physical Basis of Human Disease
CBE 447Metabolic Engineering
CHM 301/303
Organic Chemistry I
CHM 302/304/304B
Organic Chemistry II
CHM 337Organic Chemistry: Bioengineering Emphasis
CHM 403
Advanced Organic Chemistry
CHM 440
Drug Discovery in the Genomics Era
CHM 515
Biophysical Chemistry I
CHM 516
Biophysical Methods
CHM 538
Topics in Biological Chemistry: Chemical Tools to Study Biological Systems
CHM 541/
QCB 541
Chemical Biology II
CHM 544/
ENV 544     
Metals in Biology
COS 343Algorithms for Computational Biology
COS 557
Analysis & Visualization of Large-Scale Genomic Data Sets        
GEO 523/
CEE 572 
NEU 501A/
NEU 501B
Neuroscience: From Molecules to Systems to Behaviors
PHY 412
Biological Physics
QCB 408
Foundations of Applied Statistics and Data Science (with Applications in Biology)


*To suggest another course as a potential departmental, contact the Undergraduate Administrator.