Grégoire Altan-Bonnet

Senior Investigator

I have been trained in Statistical Physics and nonlinear dynamics (PhD) and in Immunology (post-doctoral studies). My field of expertise is Systems Immunology: the ImmunoDynamics group I am heading has been developing experimentally validated quantitative models of different aspects of the immune system. In particular, we have addressed the interplay between the robustness and variability of self/non-self discrimination in the immune system. We are also focused on developing quantitative models of lymphocyte-lymphocyte communications via cytokine. Our current projects focus on the multicellular coordination of immune responses against tumors and pathogenic infections. We are particularly interested in developing quantitative models of the integration of signal transduction, gene regulation, cytokine communications, cell differentiation, and proliferation/death across multiple spatio-temporal scales. Our long-term goal is to help in the development of tailored immunotherapies (e.g. against tumors).

Past Events