Dorothy Lerit

Assistant Professor
Emory University

Dorothy Lerit is an Associate Professor in the Department of Cell Biology at the Emory University School of Medicine. Previously, she received her Ph.D. working with Dr. Elizabeth Gavis at Princeton studying how nanos mRNA is selectively transported into germ cells. She went on to complete her postdoctoral studies with Dr. Nasser Rusan at the NIH, where she studied how centrosome activity is regulated supported by a Lenfant Biomedical Research Fellowship and an NHLBI Career Transition Award (K22). She was recruited to Emory in 2016. Research in the Lerit lab primarily examines the function of centrosome-localized mRNAs and how centrosomes influence cell fate. This work is supported by an NIH R01 and a Research Scholar Grant from the American Cancer Society.

Past Events

Dorothy Lerit, Emory University
The conserved RNA-binding protein CPEB/Orb2 safeguards against microcephaly
Wed, Apr 24, 2024, 12:00 pm