Hughson Lab

Hughson lab research
Principal Investigator
Frederick M. Hughson
Structural cell biology

One major focus of the research in my group is to understand the protein machinery that generates the interior architecture of cells by guiding the movement and fusion of intracellular transport vesicles. All eukaryotic cells contain a profusion of membrane-bounded compartments. Traffic among these compartments is brisk. Cargo is transported in membrane vesicles that bud from one compartment, travel through the cell, and deliver their contents by fusing with another compartment. Underlying this intricate choreography is a set of proteins and protein complexes responsible for the creation, movement, docking, and fusion of vesicles. Our lab seeks to understand the design principles that endow these protein nanomachines with the ability to manipulate membrane vesicles, thereby powering a bustling intracellular transportation network...