Silver-Based Self-Powered pH-Sensitive Pump and Sensor.

TitleSilver-Based Self-Powered pH-Sensitive Pump and Sensor.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsGentile, K, Maiti, S, Brink, A, Rallabandi, B, Stone, HA, Sen, A
Date Published2020 07 14

<p>Nonmechanical nano/microscale pumps that provide precise control over flow rate without the aid of an external power source and that are capable of turning on in response to specific analytes in solution are needed for the next generation of smart micro- and nanoscale devices. Herein, a self-powered chemically driven silver micropump is reported that is based on the two-step catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, HO. The pumping direction and speed can be controlled by modulating the solution pH, and modeling and theory allow for the kinetics of the reaction steps to be connected to the fluid velocity. In addition, by changing the pH dynamically using glucose oxidase (GOx)-catalyzed oxidation of glucose to gluconic acid, the direction of fluid pumping can be altered , allowing for the design of a glucose sensor. This work underscores the versatility of catalytic pumps and their ability to function as sensors.</p>

Alternate JournalLangmuir
PubMed ID32536169