The Origins and Future of Sentinel: An Early-Warning System for Pandemic Preemption and Response.

TitleThe Origins and Future of Sentinel: An Early-Warning System for Pandemic Preemption and Response.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsBotti-Lodovico, Y, Nair, P, Nosamiefan, D, Stremlau, M, Schaffner, S, Agignoae, SV, Aiyepada, JOke, Ajogbasile, FV, Akpede, GO, Alhasan, F, Andersen, KG, Asogun, DA, Ayodeji, OOluwafemi, Badiane, AS, Barnes, K, Bauer, MR, Bell-Kareem, A, Benard, MEkene, Benevolence, EOhomoime, Blessing, O, Boehm, CK, Boisen, ML, Bond, NG, Branco, LM, Butts, MJ, Carter, A, Colubri, A, Deme, AB, DeRuff, KC, Diédhiou, Y, Edamhande, APatience, Elhamoumi, S, Engel, EJ, Eromon, P, Fallah, M, Folarin, OA, Fry, B, Garry, R, Gaye, A, Gbakie, M, Gevao, SM, Gionet, G, Gladden-Young, A, Goba, A, Gomis, JFrancois, Happi, AN, Houghton, M, Ihekwuazu, C, Iruolagbe, COjemiega, Jackson, J, Jalloh, S, Johnson, J, Kanneh, L, Kayode, A, Kemball, M, Kingsley, OChiedozie, Koroma, V, Kotliar, D, Mehta, S, Metsky, HC, Michael, A, Mirhashemi, MEzzaty, Modjarrad, K, Momoh, M, Myhrvold, CA, Naregose, OGrace, Ndiaye, T, Ndiaye, M, Ndiaye, A, Normandin, E, Odia, I, Oguzie, JUche, Okogbenin, SA, Okokhere, PO, Okolie, J, Olawoye, IB, Olumade, TJ, Oluniyi, PE, Omoregie, O, Park, DJ, Paye, MFaye, Petros, B, Philippakis, AA, Priscilla, A, Ricks, A, Rimoin, A, Sandi, JDemby, Schieffelin, JS, Schreiber, M, Seck, MCheikh, Siddiqui, S, Siddle, K, Smither, AR, Sy, M, Sy, N, Tomkins-Tinch, CH, Tomori, O, Ugwu, C, Uwanibe, JN, Uyigue, EAnthonia, Victoria, DIreti, Vinzé, A, Vodzak, ME, Welch, N, Wurie, HIsatta, Zoumarou, D, Grant, DS, Ndiaye, D, MacInnis, B, Sabeti, PC, Happi, C
Date Published2021 Aug 13
KeywordsAfrica, Western, Disaster Planning, Humans, Lassa Fever, Lassa virus, N-Acetylglucosaminyltransferases, Nigeria, Pandemics, Polymorphism, Genetic, Receptors, Virus

<p>While investigating a signal of adaptive evolution in humans at the gene LARGE, we encountered an intriguing finding by Dr. Stefan Kunz that the gene plays a critical role in Lassa virus binding and entry. This led us to pursue field work to test our hypothesis that natural selection acting on LARGE-detected in the Yoruba population of Nigeria-conferred resistance to Lassa Fever in some West African populations. As we delved further, we conjectured that the "emerging" nature of recently discovered diseases like Lassa fever is related to a newfound capacity for detection, rather than a novel viral presence, and that humans have in fact been exposed to the viruses that cause such diseases for much longer than previously suspected. Dr. Stefan Kunz's critical efforts not only laid the groundwork for this discovery, but also inspired and catalyzed a series of events that birthed Sentinel, an ambitious and large-scale pandemic prevention effort in West Africa. Sentinel aims to detect and characterize deadly pathogens before they spread across the globe, through implementation of its three fundamental pillars: Detect, Connect, and Empower. More specifically, Sentinel is designed to detect known and novel infections rapidly, connect and share information in real time to identify emerging threats, and empower the public health community to improve pandemic preparedness and response anywhere in the world. We are proud to dedicate this work to Stefan Kunz, and eagerly invite new collaborators, experts, and others to join us in our efforts.</p>

Alternate JournalViruses
PubMed ID34452470
PubMed Central IDPMC8402630
Grant ListT32 GM007753 / GM / NIGMS NIH HHS / United States