Metastatic niche functions and therapeutic opportunities.

TitleMetastatic niche functions and therapeutic opportunities.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsCelià-Terrassa, T, Kang, Y
JournalNat Cell Biol
Date Published2018 Aug
KeywordsAnimals, Antineoplastic Agents, Cell Communication, Cell Movement, Cell Plasticity, Cell Proliferation, Cell Survival, Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition, Humans, Neoplasm Metastasis, Neoplasms, Neoplastic Stem Cells, Phenotype, Signal Transduction, Stem Cell Niche, Tumor Microenvironment

<p>Metastasis is an inefficient process, especially during colonization at a distant organ. This bottleneck underlies the importance of the metastatic niche for seeding and outgrowth of metastases. Here, we classify the common functions of different metastatic niches: anchorage, survival support, protection from external insults, licensing proliferation and outgrowth. We highlight the emerging role of the metastatic niche in maintaining cancer stemness and promoting immune evasion, and discuss therapeutic opportunities against the metastatic niche.</p>

Alternate JournalNat Cell Biol
PubMed ID30050120
PubMed Central ID4161226