The hypothalamus predates the origin of vertebrates.

TitleThe hypothalamus predates the origin of vertebrates.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsLemaire, LA, Cao, C, Yoon, PH, Long, J, Levine, M
JournalSci Adv
Date Published2021 04

<p>The hypothalamus coordinates neuroendocrine functions in vertebrates. To explore its evolutionary origin, we describe integrated transcriptome/connectome brain maps for swimming tadpoles of , which serves as an approximation of the ancestral proto-vertebrate. This map features several cell types related to different regions of the vertebrate hypothalamus, including the mammillary nucleus, the arcuate nucleus, and magnocellular neurons. Coronet cells express melanopsin and share additional properties with the saccus vasculosus, a specialized region of the hypothalamus that mediates photoperiodism in nontropical fishes. Comparative transcriptome analyses identified orthologous cell types for mechanosensory switch neurons, and and relay neurons in different regions of the mouse hypothalamus. These observations provide evidence that the hypothalamus predates the evolution of the vertebrate brain. We discuss the possibility that switch neurons, coronet cells, and / relay neurons comprise a behavioral circuit that helps trigger metamorphosis of larvae in response to twilight.</p>

Alternate JournalSci Adv
PubMed ID33910896
PubMed Central IDPMC8081355
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