Diversity of epithelial morphogenesis during eggshell formation in drosophilids.

TitleDiversity of epithelial morphogenesis during eggshell formation in drosophilids.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsOsterfield, M, Schüpbach, T, Wieschaus, E, Shvartsman, SY
Date Published2015 Jun 01
KeywordsAnimals, Cell Shape, Drosophila, Drosophila melanogaster, Epithelium, Morphogenesis, Ovum, Species Specificity

<p>The eggshells of drosophilid species provide a powerful model for studying the origins of morphological diversity. The dorsal appendages, or respiratory filaments, of these eggshells display a remarkable interspecies variation in number and shape, and the epithelial patterning underlying the formation of these structures is an area of active research. To extend the analysis of dorsal appendage formation to include morphogenesis, we developed an improved 3D image reconstruction approach. This approach revealed considerable interspecies variation in the cell shape changes and neighbor exchanges underlying appendage formation. Specifically, although the appendage floor in Drosophila melanogaster is formed through spatially ordered neighbor exchanges, the same structure in Scaptodrosophila pattersoni is formed through extreme changes in cell shape, whereas Drosophila funebris appears to display a combination of both cellular mechanisms. Furthermore, localization patterns of Par3/Bazooka suggest a self-organized, cell polarity-based origin for the variability of appendage number in S. pattersoni. Our results suggest that species deploy different combinations of apically and basally driven mechanisms to convert a two-dimensional primordium into a three-dimensional structure, and provide new directions for exploring the molecular origins of interspecies morphological variation. </p>

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