Coupled oscillators coordinate collective germline growth.

TitleCoupled oscillators coordinate collective germline growth.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsDoherty, CA, Diegmiller, R, Kapasiawala, M, Gavis, ER, Shvartsman, SY
JournalDev Cell
Date Published2021 Mar 22

Developing oocytes need large supplies of macromolecules and organelles. A conserved strategy for accumulating these products is to pool resources of oocyte-associated germline nurse cells. In Drosophila, these cells grow more than 100-fold to boost their biosynthetic capacity. No previously known mechanism explains how nurse cells coordinate growth collectively. Here, we report a cell cycle-regulating mechanism that depends on bidirectional communication between the oocyte and nurse cells, revealing the oocyte as a critical regulator of germline cyst growth. Transcripts encoding the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor, Dacapo, are synthesized by the nurse cells and actively localized to the oocyte. Retrograde movement of the oocyte-synthesized Dacapo protein to the nurse cells generates a network of coupled oscillators that controls the cell cycle of the nurse cells to regulate cyst growth. We propose that bidirectional nurse cell-oocyte communication establishes a growth-sensing feedback mechanism that regulates the quantity of maternal resources loaded into the oocyte.

Alternate JournalDev Cell
PubMed ID33689691