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Zemer Gitai: Starting a Lab: A balancing act

Making the Right Moves

National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity

National Postdoctoral Association

Young PI forum

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My IDP (Individual Development Plan)


Improving Your Writing

Princeton Writing Program

Princeton Writes

Whitesides' Group: Writing a  Paper

Grant and Fellowship Applications

Fred Hughson: How to Write a Strong Grant/Fellowship Application

Fred Hughson: Grant/Fellowship Writing notes

Top Tips from Molecular Biology Faculty

Giving Great Presentations

Ned Wingreen: How to give a great talk

Danelle Devenport: The Chalk Talk Demystified: How to Prepare and Give a Great Chalk Talk

Susan McDonnell: Designing Effective Scientific Presentations

Uri Alon: How to give a good talk? video

Uri Alon: How To Give a Good Talk - Cell

Time Management Concepts

Mind Tools: Time Management

Job Applications

Ricardo Mallarino: Applying for (and getting) an academic position

Career Services at PU

Office of Career & Professional Development at UCSF

Rutgers iJOBS (Interdisciplinary Job Opportunities for Biomedical Scientists); an exciting, new program funded by the NIH initiative “Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training”. The government recognizes the need for preparing trainees for their future and the U.S. Office of Management and Budget recently officially proclaimed that career training is one of the dual roles of grad students and postdocs. Rutgers iJOBS exposes PhD graduate students and postdocs to the many career options available to them and consists primarily of career panels, workshops and site visits.  



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