Undergraduate Student Committee

The Undergraduate Molecular Biology Committee is here to serve you. Our role is to act as the liaison between students in the department and the faculty. During monthly meetings, led by Dr. Elizabeth Gavis, we discuss students' concerns regarding courses, professors, TAs, workloads and exam schedules. Basically, if we (the students) don't like something, our concerns addressed (within reason, of course).

The committee is a forum to suggest possible improvements. One of our goals is to increase the interaction between faculty and students. We have already begun to implement new things the department can do to create more opportunities for undergrads to "hang out" with Nobel Prize winners and other leaders in various fields of research. We are always looking for new ideas and our primary responsibility is to relay any comments or complaints you have - so be sure to contact any committee member who will ensure that your input is addressed.


Jesse BrewerSam FrankChris JunNeerav Kumar 



Luke BundayBhoomika ChowdharyAaron CohenMaryam Kamel 
Aileen LoDev Patel   


The first student committee meeting will be in October.