Class of 2023 MolBio Award Recipients
June 2, 2023

Hearty Congratulations to the Class of 2023 MolBio Award Recipients honored on Class Day, Monday, May 29, 2023!


"These awards honor a terrific group of seniors for their exemplary senior thesis research and writing, and we wish them the very best in their future endeavors," noted Elizabeth Gavis,…

Laevsky will judge 49th Annual Nikon Small World Competition
May 31, 2023

Nikon Instruments Inc. announced the judging panel for the 2023 Nikon Small World photomicrography and Small World in Motion video competitions, to be held June 6–8 at the Marine Biological Lab (MBL) in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

Ed Cara, Science and Health Reporter at Gizmodo; James Cutmore, Picture Editor at BBC Science Focus…

Katchur wins 2023 Princeton Research Day Graduate Student Impact Award
May 11, 2023

Graduate student Nicole Katchur's 2023 Princeton Research Day presentation received the Graduate Student Impact Award. Katchur is an MD/PhD candidate at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and Princeton…

Schmidt funding awarded to Chan and Mallarino
May 5, 2023

Three projects with the potential to open new avenues in science and engineering — mapping the body’s “electrome,” miniaturizing imagers to monitor the environment and human health, and accelerating gene editing for the treatment of disease — have been selected for funding through Princeton’s

Community-Engaged Undergraduate Scholars
May 3, 2023

During the winter break between the 2022-23 academic year semesters, MolBio concentrators Leuna Sen '24, Jack Shigata '23, and Gillian Hilscher '23 stepped up to contribute to the Program for Community-Engaged Scholarship.

Could antiviral fabrics go viral?
April 28, 2023

The te Velthuis lab has been awarded support from the Dean for Research Innovation Fund for New Industrial Collaborations. A.J. te Velthuis, assistant professor of molecular biology, will collaborate with…

Upending ideas about the origins of flying mammals
April 18, 2023

Flying squirrels, sugar gliders and bats haven’t had a common ancestor in 160 million years, but they form their wing flaps using some of the same genetic ingredients.

That’s the intriguing finding from a Princeton-led team of biologists, detailed recently in the journal Science Advances. In other words, when the seven known flying…

Bassler wins the 2023 Canada Gairdner International Award
March 30, 2023

The government of Canada announced today that Bonnie Bassler is being awarded the Canada Gairdner International Award 2023 alongside Michael Silverman and E. Peter Greenberg “for their discoveries of how bacteria communicate with each other and surrounding non-bacterial cells, providing a new paradigm for how microbes behave and yielding novel avenues for therapeutics against infectious diseases.”

Donia and Ploss awarded Princeton accelerator funding
March 16, 2023

Six new innovations with potential to benefit society will receive university funding to aid in the transition from early-stage research into real-world products and services. Two of the six projects awarded in 2022 are to faculty in the Department of Molecular Biology.


Ploss Lab researchers find a path toward Hep E treatment
March 1, 2023

In a paper published Feb. 28 in the journal eLife, a team of researchers headed by Alexander Ploss settle a debate about a key protein in hepatitis E (Hep E), which could open the way to developing treatments for a tiny virus that poses an outsized threat to public health around the globe.

Jimah wins 2023 Sloan Research Fellowship
Feb. 16, 2023

John Jimah, Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology, has been awarded a Sloan Research Fellowship in neuroscience.

Ploss Elected into American Academy of Microbiology
Feb. 15, 2023

Alexander Ploss, Professor of Molecular Biology, is among 65 new fellows elected to the Class of 2023 of the American Academy of Microbiology.

International Day of Women and Girls in Science
Feb. 11, 2023

36% of the current faculty of the Princeton University Department of Molecular Biology are women. The department celebrates the United Nations International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

Bassler and Wühr receive Transformative Equipment Fund Awards
Jan. 24, 2023

Six new grants to enable Princeton researchers to acquire state-of-the-art equipment or replace aging scientific instruments have been awarded through the Provost and Dean for Research Transformative Equipment Initiative.