Alexander Lorestani, Ph.D. *17 and Nikolay Ouzounov, Ph.D. *15 win Tiger Entrepreneur Award
Oct. 26, 2018

Princeton Entrepreneurship Council congratulates Alexander Lorestani, Ph.D. *17 and Nikolay Ouzounov, Ph.D. *15, winners of the Tiger Entrepreneur Award for 2018.

Cell Host & Microbe Journal highlights recent discovery from the Cristea Lab
Oct. 25, 2018


The cover of the Cell Host & Microbe journal this month highlights the recent discovery from the Cristea group that infection-induced peroxisome biogenesis is a metabolic strategy for the benefit of viral replication.

Sweat bee study links genes to social behaviors, including autism
Oct. 19, 2018

A new study by Princeton researchers published this week found that the social lives of sweat bees — named for their attraction to perspiration — are linked to patterns of activity in specific genes, including ones linked to autism.

Betsy Hart wins Graduate Student Teaching Award
Oct. 9, 2018

Betsy Hart, a graduate student in the Silhavy lab, was presented with the Graduate Student teaching award at the 2018 Molecular Biology Department retreat.

Postdoc Vicki Patterson wins teaching award for MOL 348
Oct. 8, 2018

Molecular Biology Postdoc Vicki Patterson with Professors Becky Burdine (left) and Danelle Devenport (right). Patterson, a postdoc in the Burdine lab, was awarded the 2018 postdoc teaching award for MOL 348 Cell and Developmental Biology.

Kimberly Box wins 2018 Silhavy Award
Oct. 8, 2018

Associate Professor of Molecular Biology Danelle Devenport with graduate student Kimberly Box

New Resources for C. elegans Research
Sept. 25, 2018

A team of Princeton researchers has produced a comprehensive view of which genes are active in each of the four major tissues of adult C elegans worms.

Britt Adamson joins MOL and the LSI as Assistant Professor
Sept. 24, 2018

Britt’s research goals are to systematically map molecular networks in human cells in order to understand how cells integrate complex information to mount tailored responses to different forms of stress.

Bonnie Bassler receives Schering Prize
Sept. 6, 2018

Schering Stiftung announced Monday, Sept. 3, that they were awarding the 2018 Ernst Schering Prize to Molecular Biology Chair Bonnie Bassler for her pioneering work on bacterial quorum sensing.

Enquist Lab researchers uncover new details of rabies virus movement
Aug. 16, 2018

Enquist lab members find neuron-invading viruses can be blocked by a drug commonly used to treat amoebic dysentery.

International interns engage in dynamic summer research program at Princeton
Aug. 13, 2018

The Kang lab was one of several on campus that hosted students in the International Student Internship Program this summer.

Gitai and Wingreen lab members discover the ‘optimism’ of E. coli bacteria
July 24, 2018

The Gitai and Wingreen labs collaborated to determine how E. coli bacteria respond when they are deprived of three key nutrients: carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus.

Professors Flint and Schüpbach become emeritus
July 2, 2018
Two Professors of Molecular Biology were among the fifteen Princeton University faculty members transferred to emeritus status in recent action by the Board of Trustees: Jane Flint and Gertrud Schüpbach. 

Sarah Jane Flint is a leader in the field of virology. She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from…

Genetically engineered mice could boost fight against aggressive hepatitis
June 29, 2018

Ploss lab develops new strain of mice which could be useful for testiing therapies for hepatitis delta virus

Ploss lab identifies mechanism for Zika virus infection
June 18, 2018

Qiang Ding, Alexander Ploss, and colleagues have identified one of the mechanisms by which ZIKA virus circumvents immune control to replicate in human cells.