Pumpkin DNA, biology of beer: MOL Graduate students make science accessible

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Office of Communications, Princeton University, Office of Communications, Molecular Biology Staff
Nov. 14, 2018

The Graduate Molecular Biology Outreach Program is dedicated to fostering enthusiasm for scientific inquiry and increasing scientific literacy in the Greater Princeton community.

The group, made up of graduate students in the Department of Molecular Biology and funded by the department, aims to engage, encourage and inspire community members of all ages, from children to adults, though on- and off-campus events.

Throughout the year, the students plan and participate in events through which they share their knowledge of science. Events have included demonstrations for special needs day at a science museum, judging entries at local grade school science fairs, participating in science festivals and holding events geared toward adults such as “Science by the Cup” events focusing on the biology of beverages such as coffee and beer.

“When you see people have that aha moment … and when they get that excitement that comes from seeing, you know, some reaction before their eyes, or when something clicks, it’s just really rewarding,” said program chair Catherine Ruesch. “Fostering an appreciation and understanding of the scientific process is really important to help people really trust how science is done, and be able to make informed decisions.”

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