Princeton’s technology accelerator fund celebrates 10 years of fueling innovations

Written by
Alina O'Regan, Office of the Dean for Research, Princeton University
Jan. 19, 2023

In its first decade, Princeton's IP Accelerator Fund supported research that led to the formation of 22 startups.

Sometimes an extra bit of lab work or prototyping can make all the difference to the creation of the next breakthrough technology that improves our world. A Princeton initiative, now celebrating its 10th anniversary, has funded the research behind 22 startup companies that are developing Princeton discoveries into beneficial technologies and services.

The Intellectual Property (IP) Accelerator Fund provides support to researchers who’ve made a discovery but need to conduct extra studies to demonstrate that the discovery can meet a societal need. Such studies drive the research forward and can be essential for attracting outside investment and funding from government small-business programs.

“These awards have a multiplier effect on the impact of Princeton discoveries in addressing major challenges in healthcare, information technology, energy and the environment, and more,” said John Ritter, director of the Office of Technology Licensing, which administers the fund. “The small size and innovative culture of startup companies are ideal for propelling the rapid development of university-led research into new products and services.” ...

One of the funded projects aims to design broad-spectrum antiviral treatments that engage the body’s natural defenses against infection. The startup company Evrys Bio is building new types of anti-infective agents based on research funded by the IP Accelerator Fund and conducted by Princeton’s Thomas Shenk, the James A. Elkins Jr. Professor in the Life Sciences, emeritus, and professor of molecular biology, emeritus; and Ileana Cristea, the Henry L. Hillman Professor of Molecular Biology. ...

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Princeton’s technology accelerator fund celebrates 10 years of fueling innovation