Karishma Bisht on Crediting Early Career Researchers Published in Science

Department Announcement
Posted on September 13, 2021

(Illustration: ROBERT NEUBECKER)

Karishma Bisht tells the story of how she learned to fight for her right to be credited for her research.

"When I stumbled on the research paper from one of my former labs, related to a project I had contributed to, I was taken by surprise. No one had told me our work was going to be published! A quick glance showed I was acknowledged, which was gratifying. However, when I looked at the figures, my surprise turned to shock. I had generated two of the figures, as well as the underlying data, a couple years earlier, when I was a research fellow in the lab after finishing my master’s degree. Based on my contribution, I should have been included as an author. Then I discovered the group had published other papers about our work without even acknowledging me. I had become a ghost author, my contributions used without credit."

The full piece is available on the Science website.