Britt Adamson joins MOL and the LSI as Assistant Professor

Written by
Princeton University, Molecular Biology Staff
Sept. 24, 2018



Britt Adamson

Assistant Professor Britt Adamson joined the faculty effective September 1, 2018.  Britt holds a joint appointment in MOL and the LSI.  Britt’s research goals are to systematically map molecular networks in human cells in order to understand how cells integrate complex information to mount tailored responses to different forms of stress. Britt’s background is in genetics and cell biology. For her work, Britt leverages functional genomics and single-cell RNA sequencing. A common thread to all of her work has been the development of technologies that enable new methods of experimental inquiry. She was a graduate student with Stephen Elledge (Harvard Medical School) and most recently a postdoc with Jonathan Weissman (at UCSF).