2022 MolBio Retreat Award Recipients

Written by
Molecular Biology, C. Todd Reichart, Princeton University
Oct. 11, 2022

Last weekend's 2022 MolBio Annual Retreat gave students, postdocs, and faculty a chance to hear, see, and discuss research going on across the department, and it was a chance to mingle, dine, and dance with colleagues beyond one's own lab group -- and there were some awards conferred:

DEI Advocacy Award: Luke Soucy, staff and Amari Tankard, graduate student, Devenport and Jimah labs. Recognizing those graduate students, post-docs, faculty and staff who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion by documented efforts above and beyond that of their peers.

Teaching Award: Collin McManus, Petry lab

Teaching Award: Sabrina Solley, Adamson & Toettcher labs

Postdoctoral Researcher Service Award: Moamen Elmassry, Donia lab

Silhavy Award: Venecia Valdez, Petry lab. For the student who has shown outstanding dedication and service to the Graduate Program in Molecular Biology.

2022 MolBio Retreat Award Recipients(Clockwise from top left) DEI Advocacy Award recipient, Luke Soucy, staff, with Ricardo Mallarino, faculty; Teaching Award recipient, Collin McManus, Petry lab, with Ileana Cristea, faculty; Teaching Award recipient, Sabrina Solley, Adamson & Toettcher labs, with Ileana Cristea, faculty; Postdoctoral Researcher Service Award recipient Moamen Elmassry, Donia lab, with Martin Jonikas, faculty; Silhavy Award recipient, Venecia Valdez, Petry lab, with Tom Silhavy, faculty. Photos by C. Todd Reichart

Best talk by a graduate student: Abigail Stanton, Hughson lab

Best talk by a postdoctoral researcher: Matthew Johnson, Mallarino lab

Best poster by a graduate student: joint poster by Jeffrey Lee and Moamen Elmassry (postdoc), Donia lab

Best poster by a postdoctoral researcher: Rebecca Ann Jones, Devenport lab

Congratulations, all!