Gitai, Murphy, and Ploss elected to 2023 AAAS Fellows
April 18, 2024

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) announced today the newly elected 2023 AAAS Fellows, and three were elected from the Department of Molecular Biology!

Congratulations to Zemer Gitai, the Edwin Grant Conklin Professor of Biology, Professor of Molecular Biology, on his…

Princeton geneticists, current and alumni, at TAGC24
March 18, 2024

Current and former Department of Molecular Biology folk -- faculty, students, postdocs, and alumni -- came together for an impromptu lunch reunion at The Allied Genetics Conference 2024 (TAGC24) of the Genetics Society of America (GSA) held from March 6-10, 2024 at the Gaylord National Resort & Conference Center in metropolitan Washington,…

Gitai Elected into American Academy of Microbiology
March 11, 2024

Congratulations to Zemer Gitai, the Edwin Grant Conklin Professor of Biology and Professor of Molecular Biology, on his election into the 2024 class of the American Academy of Microbiology!

Fellows are elected annually through a highly selective, peer-review process, based on their records of scientific achievement and original…

Harsha Sen, Best Student Talk Awardee
Feb. 6, 2024

Harsha Sen, third-year graduate student in the Mallarino lab, won the Best Student Talk award in the Division of Evolutionary Developmental Biology (DEDB) at the 2024 annual meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB). Sen's talk titled, "Molecular evolution and development of the mammalian gliding membrane,"…

Ludwig Princeton Branch, Mol Bio Welcome Lynch as Joint Faculty Member
Jan. 29, 2024

Lydia Lynch, a leading immunologist whose work focuses on whole-body metabolism and its impact on the immune system and cancer, has been named a professor in the Department of Molecular Biology and a Member of the Princeton Branch of the Ludwig…

Cellular scaffolding rewired to make microscopic railways
Jan. 24, 2024

In an article published Jan. 17 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the researchers demonstrated a method that allows them to precisely control the growth of biopolymer networks like those that form part of the cellular skeleton. They were able to build these…

Throwing light on photosynthesis
Dec. 7, 2023

Photosynthesis is a process carried out by plants and algae that uses light energy to power the assimilation of atmospheric carbon dioxide into sugar, with oxygen produced as a by-product. Despite decades of study, we still have only a rough idea of how photosynthesis works; we haven’t even managed to identify all the proteins involved. In a

Rabitz, Goun, Jonikas Awarded $3.4M Moore Foundation Grant
Nov. 30, 2023

In a funding venture that could be transformational for imaging single molecules within a cell, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has awarded a $3.4M grant to a collaboration between Princeton’s Departments of Chemistry and Molecular Biology.

The four-year grant supports the development of a new microscope that will enable…

Jonikas Receives 2023 Okazaki Award
Nov. 27, 2023

Martin Jonikas, Associate Professor of Molecular Biology and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, is the recipient of the 7th Tsuneko & Reiji Okazaki Award, for which he will be honored at the The 9th International Symposium on Transformative…

Schottenfeld-Roames and Lorenz: Higher Educating
Nov. 13, 2023


A year ago, a discussion grew about notoriously hard classes and how they were (or were not) evolving in the wake of New York University’s cutting loose organic chemistry professor Maitland Jones — who retired from Princeton in 2007 and is now an emeritus professor of chemistry — after students filed a petition…