• The STELLARIS 5 has a filter-free spectral detector system with five individually tunable channels. The spectral separation is accomplished by a unique prism design
  • Each detector is freely tunable over the entire visible spectrum. The STELLARIS 5 has a prism base beam splitter (AOBS) that allows the free selection of up to 8 lasers from UV to IR. The spectral range of the detector optics covers 400-800 nm
  • The conventional scanner can be scanned unidirectional or bi-directional with speeds ranging from 10 Hz to 2800 Hz
  • The laser lines available are 405 nm and 485-685 nm (supplied by WLL)
  • There is a DIY incubation chamber for temperature control of live experiments
  • Cryo-CLEM capability. Samples can be kept frozen in liquid nitrogen while being imaged with confocal. Then samples can be transferred to Thermo Aquilos for EM imaging.


Best Applications:  

Samples up to several hundred microns thick (sample dependent). Live or fixed (temperature and CO2 available). Low-magnification high-resolution imaging (as well as high-magnification high-resolution). Boutique fluorophore friendly.