Student Perspectives

Gabriel Moore

 Having a very liberal arts experience as an undergraduate, I highly valued and connected with MolBio’s way of doing science. Collaboration, interdisciplinary study, and personal connections pervade the work that everyone does in the department. Plus, MolBio students and faculty have made efforts to ensure that everyone feels welcome and accepted, so everyone can be the most productive scientist possible.

Elizabeth Rowland

A collaborative environment here allows you to explore a wide variety of research opportunities.  The diversity of labs in our department allows you to try new things and find what interests you, all while working with and learning from experts in fields of research different from your own.  Also, the people; both the students and faculty in our department are invested in your success.  From navigating first year classes and taking general exams, to submitting your first paper, your peers and advisors are with you every step of the way. Four years later, these reasons and so many more, are why I am glad I chose Princeton.

Nicholas Martin

I chose Princeton because it was clear to me that the researchers here are focused and driven, but also friendly and fun. The atmosphere of collegiality among students and faculty here has made it easy to feel included in a lively research community. The most impressive characteristic of Princeton Molecular Biology I have noticed is its ability to assemble such a diversity of researchers with varying educational backgrounds and research interests into a department that is small enough to be a tight knit, collaborative unit. As someone with training in molecular biology, it is refreshing to constantly be exposed to different molecular biology questions ranging from bacterial pathogenesis to embryonic development to cancer. As someone without a strong quantitative background, I have found it extremely rewarding to interact with the members of our research community who have training in the fields of chemistry, physics, and even mathematics.