Student Perspectives

Ramondo Alfaro-Aco

I spent my undergraduate years at a small liberal arts college, and then participated in a PREP program at a large medical school. Having experienced these very different settings, I gained an appreciation for the value of a student-focused academic environment, as well as the advantages of being at a research institution doing high-quality science. When it was time for me to choose a graduate program, MolBio at Princeton really stood out as a place where graduate students are an integral part of the larger academic community, and more importantly, are the driving force behind excellent science. Since then, I have been part of an inclusive department that has supported me in every aspect of my training, including the pursuit of countless internal and external opportunities to advance my scientific career.

Gabriel Moore

 Having a very liberal arts experience as an undergraduate, I highly valued and connected with MolBio’s way of doing science. Collaboration, interdisciplinary study, and personal connections pervade the work that everyone does in the department. Plus, MolBio students and faculty have made efforts to ensure that everyone feels welcome and accepted, so everyone can be the most productive scientist possible.

Elizabeth Rowland

A collaborative environment here allows you to explore a wide variety of research opportunities.  The diversity of labs in our department allows you to try new things and find what interests you, all while working with and learning from experts in fields of research different from your own.  Also, the people; both the students and faculty in our department are invested in your success.  From navigating first year classes and taking general exams, to submitting your first paper, your peers and advisors are with you every step of the way. Four years later, these reasons and so many more, are why I am glad I chose Princeton.