Graduate Student Committees

The Graduate Student Committee consists of student representatives from each class. This committee meets several times each year to discuss issues concerning graduate students, such as teaching requirements, general exams, recruitment of new students, stipend increases, the annual departmental retreat, graduate-student-invited speakers, and graduate student curriculum. All meetings are open to all molecular biology students. 

Graduate Student Committee

Chair - Rebecca Moore

Vice-Chair - Betsy Hart 

6th Year Rep
Carly Lay Geronimo  Jose Pelliccia


Secretary - Rebecca Alizzi

5th Year Rep
Catherine Ruesch    Elizabeth Rowland

4rd Year Rep
Rebecca Moore

3nd Year Rep
Rebecca Alizzi        Betsy Hart               

Elliot Dine

2nd Year Rep
Katelyn Cook         Robert LeDesma

1st year Rep

Emily Mesev


Graduate Outreach Committee

Laura Murray
Adult Outreach 
Katelyn Cook, Tim Howard
Rebecca Alizzi
Local Outreach
Jorge Moreno
Jeffrey Lee


Prison Teaching Initiative
2nd year representative
1st year representatives