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Smith J, Rose M. Kel1p Mediates Yeast Cell Fusion Through a Fus2p- and Cdc42p-Dependent Mechanism. Genetics. 2016;202(4):1421–35. PMCID: PMC4905532
Yang L, TeSlaa T, Ng S, Nofal M, Wang L, Lan T, Zeng X, Cowan A, McBride M, Lu W, Davidson S, Liang G, Oh T, Downes M, Evans R, Von Hoff D, Guo J, Han H, Rabinowitz J. Ketogenic diet and chemotherapy combine to disrupt pancreatic cancer metabolism and growth. Med. 2022;3(2):119–136. PMCID: PMC9004683
Scherer J, Hogue I, Yaffe Z, Tanneti N, Winer B, Vershinin M, Enquist L. A kinesin-3 recruitment complex facilitates axonal sorting of enveloped alpha herpesvirus capsids. PLoS Pathog. 2020;16(1):e1007985. PMCID: PMC7010296