Uri Alon (Weizmann Institute)

Uri Alon (Weizmann Institute)

Butler Seminar Series

Event Date/Location

May 10, 2023 - 12:00 pm
Thomas Laboratory 003


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    Uri Alon

    Weizmann Institute of Science
    Systems biology and physics of behavior

    Understanding the protein circuits that perform computations within the cell is a central problem in biology. In physics, cells offer the challenge of understanding the collective behavior of interacting molecular machines designed to operate with remarkable precision under strong biological constraints. Our lab studies biological circuits, and applies the principles we discover also to understand dynamics on a different scale, that of human interactions.

    • Network motifs: basic interaction patterns that recur throughout biological networks, much more often than in random networks
    • Development of dynamic proteomics, a system for monitoring the position and amounts of endogenous proteins in individual living human cells
    • We study evolution when multiple objectives are at play. When a biological system needs to perform more than one task, it faces a fundamental tradeoff, which leads to surprising simplicity in the range of phenotypes
    • Theatre lab: we use concepts from improvisation theatre, and tools from physics and computer science to study basic principles of human interactions




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