Nieng Yan (Tsinghua University)

Seeing is believing: snapshots during glucose uptake
Oct 28, 2015, 12:00 pm12:00 pm
Thomas Laboratory, 003
Free and open to the university community and the public


Nieng Yan
Professor, School of Medicine, Center for Structural Biology
Tsinghua University, Beijing


Event Description

Glucose is the primary fuel to life on earth. Cellular uptake of glucose is a fundamental process for metabolism, growth, and homeostasis. The major facilitator superfamily glucose transporters, exemplified by human GLUT1-4, are prototypes in the study of solute transport. Debilitating mutations and mis-regulation of GLUTs are associated with a broad spectrum of human disease. We were able to determine the atomic structures of human GLUTs in multiple conformations during a transport cycle, which reveal the molecular basis for ligand recognition and transport. The crystal structures allow accurate mapping and potential mechanistic understanding of disease-associated mutations in GLUT1 and lay out a foundation for rational ligand design.

Tom Silhavy, Department of Molecular Biology
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Butler Seminar Series