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The changing career trajectories of new parents in STEM (PNAS Feb 2019)

From the article:

"Why are women still underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) jobs? Social processes beyond individual preferences may shape the STEM employment trajectories of new mothers and new fathers differently. Using representative US longitudinal survey data, we followed full-time STEM professionals after the birth or adoption of their first child. We found substantial attrition of new parents; nearly one-half of new mothers and nearly one-quarter of new fathers leave full-time STEM employment after having children. Thus, parenthood is an important driver of gender imbalance in STEM employment, and both mothers and fathers appear to encounter difficulties reconciling caregiving with STEM careers. These findings have implications for the vitality of the US science and engineering workforce."


Women in STEM Climate Report on Gender Issues for Graduate Students at Princeton University (Feb 2019)

The purpose of this study by the Princeton Graduate Women in STEM Leadership Council was to provide a quantitative assessment of gender issues faced by graduate students at Princeton University.