Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Departmental and University Wide Initiatives


Mol Bio Scholars

The goal of the Mol Bio Scholars program is to advance diversity within the department by providing a special opportunity for college juniors and seniors to visit the campus, meet members of the Department of Molecular Biology, and exchange research ideas with fellow scientists.

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (EEB) Scholars

As part of efforts to increase the diversity and accessibility of graduate studies in ecology and evolutionary biology, Princeton EEB encourages students to apply to the EEB Scholars Program, in which talented students (EEB Scholars) will be selected from a competitive applicant pool and invited to Princeton University for a weekend program designed to give them the tools to confidently apply to graduate schools, as well as familiarize them with Princeton's own department. 

Prospective PhD Preview (P3)

The Prospective PhD Preview Program (P3) invites the class of 2019, 2020, 2021, and post-grad students from historically underrepresented groups (HUGS) to explore graduate education at Princeton.

Diversity Fellows Program for Graduate Students

Diversity Fellows work together to support an inclusive graduate school community and enhance the cultural, academic, and professional experience of underrepresented students (e.g., students of color, women in certain STEM fields, low income and first generation college students, and LGBT students). Mol Bio's own Kristina Solorio was a Diversity Fellow for the 2018-2019 school year (click here to learn more about current Fellows).

Presidential Postdoctoral Research Fellows Program & Presidential Visiting Scholars

Both programs are intended to recognize and support scholars who can contribute to the University's diversity, broadly defined, including members of groups that have been historically and are presently underrepresented in the academy or in particular disciplines, such as racial and ethnic minorities and women in STEM.