MOL Code of Conduct

To foster an inclusive, collaborative and equitable environment, the Department of Molecular Biology is committed to the following principles.

Promoting Community

  • Respect the professional, physical and personal boundaries of colleagues.
  • Be courteous in conversation and provide colleagues with chances to voice their thoughts.
  • Ensure that criticism, when offered, is constructive, respectful and aimed at creating positive discussion.
  • Challenge your own assumptions about people from dissimilar backgrounds.
  • Avoid discriminating or making unwelcome jokes or disparaging remarks based on various identities in social as well as professional spaces.
  • Strive to ensure that all members of our community have full access to opportunities for professional development, departmental service, and networking that happens in social contexts.
  • Acquaint yourself with university policy as set forth in Rights, Rules, Responsibilities

Enhancing Advocacy

  • Speak up when others exhibit behavior unbecoming of a community member or are disrespectful of a group or class of people, even when members of that group are not present.
  • Be proactive in helping eliminate particular challenges or barriers to success that colleagues may face as members of underrepresented groups.
  • Be supportive of those who report violations of department or university policy.
  • Seek opportunities for education/training on diversity, inclusivity, reporting and bystander intervention techniques, and encourage others to do the same. For more information, check our resources page.

How are we doing?

If you have any feedback, suggestions or experiences to share with the Diversity & Inclusion Committee, please leave your comments on this anonymous form. Comments will be reviewed by the Department Chair and, as appropriate, discussed by the Committee.

Discussing and/or reporting your concerns

If you have specific concerns about exclusionary, discriminatory or harassing behaviors, you are always free to speak with the Department Chair or Director of Graduate Studies. Keep in mind that for matters related to sexual misconduct and/or gender discrimination, faculty members and administrators are mandated reporters (in that they need to share any such concerns with the Office of Gender Equity and Title IX Administration).

Outside of the Department of Molecular Biology, you may also wish to consult with a confidential campus resource or report your concern by filing a formal complaint with the University.