MOL Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Mission Statement

The Committee's mission is to actively gauge the Department's climate for underrepresented groups and ensure that all members of the MolBio community feel respected, included, and supported. We serve as liaisons and leaders to promote best practices with regard to diversity and inclusion, accessibility to professional resources and department development.

Current Members

Danelle Devenport
Associate Professor of Molecular Biology
Ricardo Mallarino
Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology
Cameron A. Myhrvold
Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology
Aimee Farria
Assistant Director, Diversity and Inclusion, Molecular Biology and LSI
Els N. Paine
Department Manager
Karishma Bisht
Postdoctoral Fellow, te Velthuis Lab
Abhishek Biswas
Research Software Engineer
Jordy F Botello
Graduate Student, Brangwynne Lab
Connor Chain
Graduate Student, Gitai Lab
Anthar Darwish
Lecturer in Molecular Biology
Paola Estrada
Postdoctoral Research Associate & Presidential Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Donia Lab
Lecturer in Molecular Biology
Vanessa Gonzalez
Graduate Student, Burdine Lab
Yana Kazachkova
Visiting Research Scholar, Jonkias Lab
Wenfan Ke
Postdoctoral Fellow, Schedl Lab