DNA synthesis

To order from IDT, log into the Marketplace via the PRIME Portal ( using your NET ID and password.

Please note that the “SameDay oligo” has a $ 20 shipping fee per package. You will be notified by email about the delivery of IDT packages which can be picked up in front LTL 017.

Free shipping and discounted pricing applied to orders through PRIME  Portal.

DNA Sequencing

For sample submittal, complete an on-line order form, and place your sample together with a copy of sample submittal form in the drop off refrigerator in front of LTL 017.  The pickup time is between 3 and 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

In order to get the contracted pricing and free sample pickup, please setup an account: 

High-throughput Sequencing

High-throughput sequencing facility is housed at LSI, for more information please visit the LSI Sequencing core facility website.

N-Terminal Protein Sequencing

Due to the nature of very competitive pricing, request a price quote before ordering the followings: gene synthesis, peptide synthesis, and custom antibodies.

Gene Synthesis

Peptide Synthesis

Custom Antibodies