Proteomics & MS Overview



The Department of Molecular Biology's Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry core facility provides support for faculty and student researchers across Princeton University, as well as investigators at other institutes and private companies. The facility has a growing number of mass spectrometers and support equipment that allows us to customize projects to your needs. We are in Lewis Thomas Laboratory, Room 016. We are willing to work with you during the planning and protocol development stages, to help you understand the results obtained, and to help during manuscript preparation when publishing your results.

In addition to our fee-for-services, we offer several instruments in an open access format. Staff members will train new users of instruments in one-on-one sessions or small groups. All users are required to demonstrate satisfactory knowledge of instrument operation prior to unsupervised use of the instrument. Usage is scheduled and monitored. Time on the instruments is charged, which varies by the instrument.

To initiate a project please review the services we offer, and submit your request using the scheduling link, above.  Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the design of your experiment or any aspect of sample preparation, data collection, or analytical requirements.