Outside Proteomics & MS Services

Proteomics can be subdivided into qualitative analysis (what is there) and quantitative analysis (how do protein abundances change between conditions). The two leading technologies for quantitative proteomics are multiplexed proteomics and data-independent acquisition (DIA). For background information on multiplexed proteomics and DIA please see these resources:

Alternative resources offering proteomics services:

For gel band identification (qualitative analysis):

For DIA proteomics (quantitative label-free):

For multiplexed proteomics (quantitative labeled):

Alternative resource offering mass spectrometry services

Mass spectrometry of small molecules

The Princeton University Department of Chemistry Mass Spectrometry Core Facility has instruments for small molecule, high-resolution mass measurements. Mass spectrometry staff (John Eng and Venu Vandavasi) are available for consultations regarding which instrument might be best for which type of experiment. All instruments are “walk-up," and once students and postdoctoral researchers receive training on an instrument they may run their own samples on an as-needed basis, with expert on-site assistance readily available.