The facility is currently equipped with the following instrumentation

Flow Cytometer

BD LSRII Multi-Laser Analyzer w/ HTS 

  • Five-laser fixed alignment benchtop system. 
  • 355, 405, 488, 561, & 640nm lasers for excitation. 
  • Capable of up to 14-color acquisition. 
  • Equipped with high-throughput 96 & 384-well plate automated microsampler.

Cell Sorters

BD FACSAria Fusion

Custom built five-laser, fixed alignment FACS cell sorter 

  • 355, 405, 488, 561 and 637nm laser excitation sources.
  • Capable of 20-parameter (17-color, 3-scatter) acquisition.
  • Four nozzle sizes available (70, 85, 100 & 130 micron) to support sorting of a wider range of cell types and sizes.
  • Temperature controlled sorting into tubes or plates.
  • Index Sorting which allows post-sort results to be precisely tracked back to the phenotypic characteristics of a single cell within each well of the plate.
  • Baker Class II biosafety cabinet for safer, sterile sorting of BSL1 & BSL2 level materials.
  • Available by appointment with core facility staff.

Bio-Rad S3 Cell Sorter 

Dual laser (488 & 561nm) benchtop cell sorter. • 

  • Capable of 6 parameter (4-color, 2-scatter) detection. 
  • Automated setup: has automated startup, stream-to-laser alignment and drop delay calculation. 
  • Automated operation monitoring: has droplet breakoff , sample volume, and sort collection tube volume monitoring for walk-away sorting. 
  • Automated fluidics monitoring: all reservoirs are self-monitoring and display the amount of time before a swap is required. 
  • Fluids may be ‘hot-swapped’ during a sort. 
  • Temperature control of the sort and sample tube holders. 
  • Available by appointment with core facility staff and to trained users 24/7.

COPAS BioSort Worm Sorter 

  • Large particle cytometer for analyzing, sorting and dispensing cells and organisms 40-175µm in size. 
  • 488nm laser excitation line with five parameter (3-color) acquisition.
  • Updated with a new laser and optics in April 2018
  • ReFlx system for sampling directly from 96-well plates. 
  • Profiler II option that allows for the spatial mapping of fluorescence signals along the length of the organism.
  • Available by appointment with core facility staff and to trained users 24/7.

Particle and Cell Counters

Beckman Coulter Z2 Particle Counter 

  • 100µm aperture for particle sizing and counting via Coulter Principle (Electrical Sensing Zone Method). 
  • Useful for yeast and mammalian cell counts. 
  • Reports count, concentration, and size distribution results. 
  • Equipped with AccuComp software for improved data analysis and presentation. 
  •  Available to trained users 24/7

    Bio-Rad TC-20 Cell Counter

  • Slide-based automated instrument.
  • Used for cells 6-50 um in diameter.
  • Counts cells per mL of suspension.
  • Can count single or mixed population samples.
  • Generates a histogram of cell size.
  • Can export digital images.
  • Quantifies % dead cells using Trypan blue.
  • Available to trained users 24/7



  • Thin-layer cell preparation system. 
  • Uses centrifugation to deposit cells onto a clearly defined area of a glass slide. 
  • Can process up to 12 specimens at one time.