Electron Microscopy Core Facility

The Electron Microscopy (EM) core facility is a research support facility administered and supported by Princeton University department of Molecular Biology. Our mission is to provide undergraduate/graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, faculty and staff with technical consultation and operational training on EM sample preparation. We are open to all faculty, staff, and students on the entire Princeton University campus, and also to off-campus investigators and users. 

The sample preparation equipment is located in Moffett Hall, Room 113. While the electron microscopes are housed within the Imaging and Analysis Center (IAC) on the garden level of the Andlinger Building.

Sample preparations we support (on cells, tissues, and synthetic soft materials) include: negative stain, immuno-labeling, heavy metal shadowing, conventional resin embedding/sectioning, freeze-substitution embedding/sectioning.

Electron microscopy operational training and sample preparation training is scheduled and completed through the IAC training website.

People who wish to start an EM project and/or access facility equipment should feel free contact Paul Shao to discuss their needs and design a plan for how they can best be met.