Drosophila Media Core Facility

The fly food kitchen has been successfully modernized and food production streamlined.

An electric mixer for more uniform stirring as well as a thermocouple thermometer to monitor food temperature have been installed in the food kettle. Disposable plastic vials and bottles are universally used by all labs with no increase in food cost. A robotic food dispenser is now used in the facility and has greatly improved the task of measuring and dispensing the food. Agar plates are routinely made using an automatic pipetting machine to dispense. The plates are stored in a coldbox that has been installed in the 15°C environmental room 119 on the first floor of Moffett. Both Drosophila food and agar plates are continually available on a sign out basis from this location.

Plastic Vials 100/rack
Plastic Bottles 16/rack
Plastic bottles each
Apple Juice plates each
Apple Juice Trays 175 ml each
L AGAR Plates each
AMP Plates each
Empty vials case
Empty vials 100
Empty bottles each
Rayon/cotton balls 1000/bag
Flugs each


Gordon Gray
Professional Drosophila Specialist
Office Phone
Moffett Laboratory, 072