User Training

Introduction to Microscopy and Confocal Microscopy

This is an introductory short course that is required for all users of our microscope systems. It covers the basic knowledge of light optics and microscopy methods that anyone using microscopes today in their research should possess.

This course is presented twice a year. Dates to be announced.

Request for Confocal training

Anyone who needs training on our microscope systems must contact the facility to complete required training. The process is as follows:

  • Student/PI request training.
  • Student consults with facility on project. 
  • What’s the project?
  • What fluors are being used?
  • What type of data needs to be collected (modality and dimensional)?
  • Level of student competence determined.
  • Online pre-training quiz, using material provided by facility.
  • When student has sample ready, training will occur.
  • Day one will be standard training using canned sample.
  • Day two will be training using student sample.
  • Student needs to use facility within two weeks of training before calendar and room access is granted.