Prairie ultima multi-photon system

  • 2 channel imaging using 2 GaAsp detectors per channel. A Coherent Chameleon Ultima II pulse laser, tunable from 680 to 1080 nms.
  • Dual scanning system - galvo scanners and an AOD scanner with scan speeds up to 25 fps at 512 x 512 resolution
  • Fast Prior piezo z-stage with 500 microns of travel
  • 405 laser for ablation, photo-activation and photo-conversion
  • Environmental chamber for live cell mammalian imaging. Temp. Range 25 to 45 degrees C.\
  • Objective lenses: 1.0 NA20 x and 40 x Plan Apo's, 1.3 NA 40 x Plan Apo
  • 0.2 NA 5X Plan fluor and 10 x 0.6 NA Plan Apo

Best Application/s:  Samples up to a millimeter thick (sample dependent).  Live or fixed (temp. and CO2 available). Low magnification high resolution imaging (as well as high magnification high resolution).