Nikon Ti-E with Spinning Disc and Photomanipulation Module and Anton Paar Rheometer


  • The microscope base is a fully motorized Nikon Ti-E with Perfect Focus System (interferometric-based focus maintenance (PFS)). The system also has a piezo stage with a 100 µm range capable of up to 100 steps/sec, mounted in a fully motorized XY stage.
  • A Yokogawa spinning disc (CSU-21) is mounted with a quad dichroic accommodating 405, 488, 561, and 647 lasers. The spinning disc detector is a Hamamatsu ImageM back-thinned EMCCD and an Orca sCMOS Flash fitted with a TuCam adapter.
  • There is also a Nikon DsRi2 color camera for H&E staining.
  • A 100 mW Bruker mini-scanner module is mounted, capable of producing 405 nm cw ROI-specific excitation.
  • This system has an Agilent laser launch with 405, 488, 561, and 640 lasers.
  • There is also an environmental control chamber for long-term live cell imaging.
  • This system is also fitted with a rheometer for high-speed imaging while simultaneously acquiring viscosity/shear data.

Best Application/s:  Samples less than one hundred microns thick (sample dependent).  Live or fixed (temp. and CO2 available), optimized for live-cell. High magnification, high temporal and spatial resolution imaging.  Ablation and FRAP/PA/PC capabilities.  Rheometry.  Color tiling.