This system will  provide you with 2X diffraction limited resolution.  Widefield detection, so best with thinner samples. Live-cell capable!

This system has a large field of view combined with a resonant scanner and a STED detector providing the possibility of high resolution and high speed imaging of live or fixed samples.

Low mag, high resolution optogenetics.  Of course you can do high mag high resolution as well.  Samples up to several hundred microns thick (sample dependant).  CFP/YFP capable.  Up to 400 frames per second temporal resolution!

Basic confocal with high sensitivity detectors.  The A1R-Si’s little sibling.

Prism based detection allows for botique style fluorophore applications.  High sensitivity detectors.

High speed cell friendly applications.  6D acquisitions; XYZTλM.  Photomanipulation module utilizing 100 mw 405 nm laser.  Rheometer for real-time viscosity measurement as you image!

High speed cell friendly applications.  6D acquisitions; XYZTλM.  Ablation module utilizing 50 mw 355 nm pulsed laser.  TIRF and Super Res.

Basic system for Brightfield, Phase, and DIC acquisitions

High-Content Imaging system makes fully automated image aquisition and analysis easy so you can generate the statistically significant data you need.

Two=Photon applications when you need to go deeeeep.  Up to a few millimeters.

Horizontal setup designed to image large volumes very fast. The unique 4-axis concept with its two-sided illumination allows four combinations of illumination and detection.  Samples from 10 um up to 10 mm x 10 mm x 20mm!

 This microscope is a multi-view selective illumination (MuVi-SPIM) microscope.  Two parallel light sheets are generated by Nikon 10x .3NA objectives.

Fully customizable scaffold capable of coupling light-sheet imaging with ….  A DMD is planned to put on the bottom port for light-sheet optogenetic capability.