N-SIM Super-Resolution, Dual Camera System

This system will  provide you with 2X diffraction limited resolution.  Widefield detection, so best with thinner samples. Live-cell capable!

Nikon A1R-STED Confocal Microscope with Stimulated Emission Depletion Detector (STED)

This system has a large field of view combined with a resonant scanner and a STED detector providing the possibility of high resolution and high speed imaging of live or fixed samples.

Nikon A1R-Si HD Confocal Microscope with Digital Micro-Mirror Device (DMD)

Low mag, high resolution optogenetics.  Of course you can do high mag high resolution as well.  Samples up to several hundred microns thick (sample dependant).  CFP/YFP capable.  Up to 400 frames per second temporal resolution!

Nikon A1 Confocal Microscope

Basic confocal with high sensitivity detectors.  The A1R-Si’s little sibling.

Leica SP5 Confocal Microscope

Prism based detection allows for botique style fluorophore applications.  High sensitivity detectors.

Nikon Ti-E with Spinning Disc and Photomanipulation Module and Anton Paar Rheometer

High speed cell friendly applications.  6D acquisitions; XYZTλM.  Photomanipulation module utilizing 100 mw 405 nm laser.  Rheometer for real-time viscosity measurement as you image!

Nikon TIRF, Super Resolution (localization type), and Ablation

High speed cell friendly applications.  6D acquisitions; XYZTλM.  Ablation module utilizing 50 mw 355 nm pulsed laser.  TIRF and Super Res.

Nikon Ti2 Inverted Microscope with Yokogawa W1 and SoRa Module

The CSU-W1 SoRa is both a confocal field scanning spinning disk system and a confocal super-resolution system. It features a wider field of view (FOV) and the ability to collect higher resolution images. The flexible configurations allow us to select the features that are optimal for our live-cell super-resolution applications which include both large specimens and samples with large regions of interest.

Nikon Widefield Platform

Basic system for Brightfield, Phase, and DIC acquisitions

Perkin Elmer Operetta

High-Content Imaging system makes fully automated image aquisition and analysis easy so you can generate the statistically significant data you need.

Bruker/Luxendo MuVi-SPIM Light-Sheet with Photomanipulation Module

Horizontal setup designed to image large volumes very fast. The unique 4-axis concept with its two-sided illumination allows four combinations of illumination and detection.  Samples from 10 um up to 10 mm x 10 mm x 20mm!

DIY MuVi-SPIM Light-Sheet

 This microscope is a multi-view selective illumination (MuVi-SPIM) microscope.  Two parallel light sheets are generated by Nikon 10x .3NA objectives.


Fully customizable scaffold capable of coupling light-sheet imaging with ….  A DMD is planned to put on the bottom port for light-sheet optogenetic capability.