Scheduling Required

Please use iLab to schedule your time on the Biophysics Core instruments.

The Biophysics Core Facility is located in the lower level of the Frick Chemistry Laboratory, rooms B25 and B06. It houses a wide range of instrumentation dedicated to support biophysical characterization of proteins, DNA and other biological macromolecules and their interactions. This core facility is a joint venture of the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Molecular Biology.

The facility manager is Venu Vandavasi, [email protected], 609-258-0236. The facility provides training and access to multiple instruments used to characterize proteins, such as a DLS Spectrometer and an Analytical Ultracentrifuge.

Scheduling time on each instrument in the biophysics core facility is done via the iLAB portal. Princeton users, please contact your lab manager to obtain an iLAB account. External users, please contact the core facility for more information.