Connor Jankowski

Like many graduate students at Princeton, I was faced with a difficult decision between several exceptional programs when I chose Molecular Biology at Princeton. The program was much smaller than others to which I had applied, or indeed, what I was used to coming from the comparatively large University of Washington in Seattle, yet it still managed to achieve a great diversity of research interests for such a seemingly small program. Key to this depth in scholarship is the interdisciplinary nature of the program; the Department of Molecular Biology is home to not only biologists but also chemists, physicists, and programmers. This spirit of collaboration extends beyond the department to other top-tier institutions both in the area and across the world, offering ample opportunity for students to explore new options in pursuing their research. The city of Princeton is ideally suited for students looking for a break from big city life while still being close enough for a quick day trip or overnight in Philadelphia or New York.

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