Undergraduate Studies



Approved Courses

The following courses are currently approved for departmental credit. Other courses may be approved upon consideration by the Undergraduate Studies Committee.

Molecular Biology (MOL)
      All 300- and 400-level courses
      500-level courses (requires permission of instructor)

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB)
All 300- and 400-level courses where EEB is the primary listing; cross-listed courses must be individually approved (see home department listings) 500-level courses (requires permission of instructor)

Chemistry (CHM)
      303     Organic Chemistry I - Biological Emphasis
      304     Organic Chemistry II - Biological Emphasis
      305     The Quantum World
      306     Physical Chemistry
      333     Oil to Ozone: Chemistry and the Environment
      403     Advanced Organic Chemistry      

      405     Advanced Physical Chemistry: Quantum Mechanics
      407     Inorganic Chemistry: Structure and Bonding
      440     Drug Discovery in the Genomics Era
      515     Biophysical Chemistry I
      536     Topics in Organic Chemistry: Chemistry of Drug Development
      538     Topics in Biological Chemistry
      542     Principles of Macromolecular Structure
      543     Advanced Topics in Structural Biology
Chemical & Biological Engineering (CBE)
      422     Molecular Modeling Methods  

      432     Biologically Inspired Materials
      438     Biomolecular Engineering
      440     The Physical Basis of Human Disease
      443     Separations in Chemical and Biochemical Processes
      447     Biochemical Engineering
      511     Modeling Tools for Cell and Developmental Biology

      537     Computational Analysis of Biological Network

Computer Sciences (COS)
      323/ORF 363 Computing and Optimization
      551     Intro to Genomics and Computational Molecular Biology
      557     Analysis & Visualization of Large-Scale Genomic Data SetsElectrical Engineering  (ELE)  

Environmental studies (env)

      304     Disease Ecology, Economics, and Policy

Operations Research and Financial Engineering (ORF)
      245     Fundamentals of Engineering Statistics
      309     Probability and Stochastic Systems
      406     Statistical Design of Experiments
Geosciences (GEO)
      363     Introduction to Environmental Geochemistry: Chemistry of the Natural Systems

      365     Evolution and Catastrophes
      523     Geomicrobiology (CEE 572)

Global Health & Health Policy (GHP)
      350     Epidemiology
      351 / ANT 491 / WWS 491 Critical Perspectives on Global Health and Health Policy

      400    Seminar in Global Health and Health Policy

      402    Health Innovation and Policy

Mathematics (MAT) 
      200     Linear Algebra and Multivariable Calculus for Economists
      201     Multivariable Calculus
      202     Linear Algebra with Applications
      203     Advanced Multivariable Calculus
      204     Advanced Linear Algebra with Applications
      217     Honors Linear Algebra and Advanced Calculus I
      301     Mathematics in Engineering I (MAE 305)       Mech. and Aerospace Engr. (MAE)
      305     Engineering Mathematics I
      344     Introduction to Bioengineering and Medical Devices
Neuroscience (NEU)

      336    The Diversity of Brains

     402    Introduction to Clinical Neuropsychology

     403    Neurogenetics of Behavior

     408    Cellular and Systems Neuroscience 

     415    Advanced Topics in Learning and Memory: Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms

     437    Computational Neuroscience

     501    Neuroscience: from Molecules to Systems

Psychology (PSY)
      334     Neuroscience of Motivation and Reward
      336     The Diversity of Brains
      407     Sleep from Molecules to Mattress
      415     Advanced Topics in Learning & Memory: Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms
      416     Brain Imaging in Cognitive Neuroscience Research
      437     Computational Neuroscience    

Women & Gender (WOM)
      301     Sociobiology, Sex Roles, and Human Development (EEB 301)
      393     Gender and Science
Woodrow Wilson School (WWS)
      315     Bioethics and Public Policy
      320     Human Genetics, Reproduction and Public Policy
      354     Modern Genetics and Public Policy

      483     Special Topics in Public Affairs: Bioethics and Public Policy
      585     Population, Health and Environment
      586     Topics in Science Technology and Environmental Policy

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