Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Program in Molecular Biology


If you plan to major in Molecular Biology, you must declare your concentration to our department via this form so that we can assign a Departmental Representative (Dep Rep) to you. You can then schedule an appointment with your Dep Rep using the Web Appointment Scheduling System (WASS). For your meeting, bring one copy of your course enrollment worksheet, as well as a copy of your internal transcript. These can be found on TigerHub.

 The undergraduate program in Molecular Biology is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to explore the central questions of 21stcentury biology. Our distinguished faculty are fully engaged in teaching and cutting-edge research on topics ranging from molecules to genomes. A cohesive core curriculum and a diversity of elective courses deliver a strong foundation in modern experimental biology. The capstone of a Princeton education is the senior thesis, when students consolidate their learning in a piece of original scholarship. In the Department of Molecular Biology, the senior thesis is a remarkable opportunity for students to work with world famous scientists, conducting independent research at the frontiers of modern science. Princeton's collegial and interactive environment also makes it easy for Molecular Biology students to pursue interdisciplinary interests, taking courses and working with faculty in chemistry, computer science, EEB, engineering, neuroscience, physics,   and the Woodrow Wilson School. Upon graduation, Molecular Biology majors are poised to pursue a wide range of careers, including biomedical research, medicine, global health and policy, industry, education, and science writing.

The Molecular Biology Undergraduate web pages are designed to provide information to prospective students and current majors about the curriculum and degree requirementsresearch opportunities and independent work,  resources, and career activities. Use the links to learn more about these and other facets of the program.

Visiting the Department

Prospective students will have an opportunity to receive detailed information about the program, tour the department, and meet with students and faculty. Tours and meetings with students/faculty must be arranged in advance. To make an appointment, please contact Melissa DiMeglio, Undergraduate Administrator, to arrange a visit.

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