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Molecular Biology hosts several series of seminars, colloquia, and other scientific presentations that can be found on the department’s calendar. You will receive notices by email of many other scientific presentations by other groups (e.g., Princeton Neuroscience Institute, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department, Institute for Advanced Study, Council on Science and Technology).

The Department hosts monthly postdoc lunch seminars and weekly graduate student seminars. Most laboratories have weekly meetings to discuss progress. In addition, groups with particular interests (Neuroscience, Yeast, Prokaryotic journal club, Microbiology lunch meetings) regularly convene. These are all listed on the departmental calendar as well.

Finally, Molecular Biology hosts an Annual Retreat over a weekend in September.  This forum features scientific talks and poster sessions.  Postdocs are invited to attend and to present their research.  In addition to scientific sessions, a prominent guest speaker is featured, along with a full schedule of social events.


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