Postdoctoral News

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Markus von Schaewen awarded the Chairmen’s Poster Award
Markus von Schaewen wins conference scholarship to HEPDART 2013
Dr. Heath Smith awarded the American Cancer Society Fellowship
Dr. Guangwen Ren awarded the DoD Breast Cancer Postdoctoral Fellowship
Anisa Salim Ismail receives 2013 L'Oréal USA Fellowships For Women in Science
Going Viral: The Study of Virology
Andrea Giovannucci Awarded the New Jersey Commission on Brain Injury Research Fellowship
Shelby Blythe Awarded the F32 NIH/NRSA Fellowship
Dmitriy Aronov Awarded the Helen Hay Whitney Foundation Fellowship
Erica Shor Awarded ACS Fellowship
Albert Siryaporn Awarded NIH/NRSA Fellowship
Wai-Leung Ng Awarded K22 Career Award
Nicole Gudleski Awarded the American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellowship
Anisa Ismail Awarded the NIH/NRSA Fellowship
Cyrille Girardin Awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship
Olivier Mauti Receives NJ Commission on Spinal Cord Research Fellowship
Zheng Receives Komen Fellowship
Rumela Chakrabarti of the Kang Lab Receives BCRP Postdoctoral Award
Szpara Wins NIAID Research Scholar Development Award
Engel Awarded Pew Fellowship
Joana Santos Awarded an EMBO Long-Term post-doctoral Fellowship
Andrew Womack Wins AAAS Congressional Fellowship
Björn Kafsack Awarded Damon Runyon Cancer Institute fellowship
Posdoc Yu Awarded AHA Fellowship
Van Kessel Awarded Fellowship
NJCCR fellowships
Di Talia awarded LSRF Fellowship
Webb and McGee of Zakian Lab Win Fellowships
Paeschke Recognized by Chromosome Research
Kristina Sinsimer Receives Kirschstein Award

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