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Andrea Giovannucci Awarded the New Jersey Commission on Brain Injury Research Fellowship

Dr. Andrea Giovannucci, a postdoctoral fellow in the Wang Lab, was awarded the New Jersey Commission on Brain Injury Research fellowship for the research project "A computational study of TBI induced Cerebellar Damage". The proposal takes two novel approaches to addressing long-term consequences of TBI using modern optical methods for observing and influencing brain activity. The first approach is two-photon microscopy, an advanced imaging method that allows brain circuits to be monitored for up to weeks. Two-photon microscopy will be used to monitor the consequences of TBI for cerebellar function.

The second approach is computational simulation: we will adopt an understand-and-repair strategy, which can drive the design of therapeutic interventions at the cellular level. Our studies will provide a proof of concept for the rehabilitation of brain function by next-generation neuroprosthetic.

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